About MRL

MRL is a management consulting firm based in Woodbrook, Trinidad that specializes in Industrial Relations, Expatriate management, Payroll services, Contract Labour and Recruitment.

MRL was established in 2008 by Russell Thompson, a veteran in the accounting and human resource industry.
After 35 years of involvement in the Human Resource industry, Mr. Thompson, looked at the market and saw a niche for expatriate management and contract labour that was underdeveloped and underexploited in the HR field. He noted that many companies were forced to hire staff with the sole responsibility of facilitating these services, thereby increasing internal staffing costs. He also understood that incorrect recruitment decisions and bad industrial relations practices were very costly and impacted negatively on the “Bottom Line” of most organizations. With firsthand knowledge of these services, he also noted how time consuming and de-motivating these tasks can be on internal staff, which can lead to absenteeism and low productivity.

It is out of this need that The Management Resource Ltd. was born. Since our inception in 2008,we have provided our clients with a service that is cost and time saving, while providing results. Our experienced team of consultants, work along with you, to ensure that your expatriate needs are filled, your staffing needs are secure and industrial relations and payroll services are provided with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Through our strategic partnership with Human Systems Limited, one of the foremost Human Resource Management organizations in the Caribbean, we can also arrange to meet all your Human Management needs including but not limited to, Performance Management Systems and Staff Training, H.R. Audits, Compensation Analysis and Job Evaluation Exercises.