Expatriate Management

We offer Expatriate Management services to make the bi-cultural transition coherent and worry-free. Some of the services we offer are: but aren’t limited to;

  • Contract preparation- Preparation of in country management or employment contracts.
  • Visa and permit process- Obtaining necessary visa and work permits while supervising the process.
  • Relocation assistance- The acclimatizing of the expatriate to the new culture.
  • Accommodation- Locating and leasing housing for the expatriates.
  • School Placement – Finding schools for the children of the expatriate.
  • Transportation- The renting of vehicles and hiring of chauffeurs for the expatriates and their families
  • Payroll services- fulfilling payroll obligations for the client’s expatriate staff, which includes payment advice and transferring of salaries
  • Taxes- The preparation and filing of local taxes, while also providing taxation advice in line with International tax laws and treaties.
  • Reimbursements- The filing of reimbursements for any purchases made or costs associated with anything covered in the respectful contract.